Yaga home
unity with nature
50 м2
Anastasia Reznikova
Author and chief architect of the project.
Author’s supervision
  • preliminary design
  • working engineering and technical documentation (complete album of drawings for builders)
  • photorealistic renderings
  • printing
CEO. Management and control of execution:
  • construction process
  • technical supervision
  • logistics
  • object equipment
A place for a vacation for 1-2 people, families, small companies.
The main idea of the project was to create a special place of rest for one or two people or a small company, where a person can really relax on a physical and mental level, return to himself, to the origins of all living things, absorb the energy of the elements, enjoy the beauty and power of the forest in its pristine form without thinking about the comfort of existence to which he is already accustomed.

This is how the idea of a cozy, atmospheric zone of rest from the bustle of the city, a place to replenish energy and strength with a message to the original system of values, the beginning of the existence of everything, the natural elements and primary elements was born - the project of a small wooden log house with all the amenities for comfortable living, located in the heart of the forest.

The creation of the forest house is inspired by ancient Russian tales, the places, forces and nature described in them.
Yaga Home is a home, a place where you can disconnect from the bustle of the city, merge with nature, return to your true self, remember the origins of existence, restore your strength and fill with energy.

The house has everything for comfortable living and relaxation. The living room of the first floor is equipped with a kitchen for cooking, an oven, a full bathroom and a sauna.
The stove is located inside the house. It serves as a heating device for the 1st floor and also heats the sauna located here. The sauna with a sauna heater is located in the bath area of the house and is separated from the bath and washing area by a glass partition.

The house is a log structure on stilts of rectangular elongated shape, without supporting cross beams with a triangular roof. This construction and materials of the house remind us of Baba Yaga's hut in its modern interpretation.

Despite the small area, the planning solution turned out to be functional and convenient.

Inside, the house is clad in natural wood planks, preserving its native color to remind its inhabitants of the beauty of everything natural and real. The entrance and interior doors are also made of the same shade of wood, giving the structure the integrity of a shell, like a protective and filling cocoon.
A metal spiral staircase invites us to the second floor as in a fairy tale about a princess imprisoned in a tower guarded by a three-headed dragon. There is a sleeping or recreation area with an additional sleeping place in the form of a mezzanine with its own window! Here you can gather a small company in a warm room, heated by the pipe from the stove on the first floor, part of which was left open for this purpose, covered with steel sheets, so as not to add an additional heating system. Comfortably placed on the floor on cushions for soulful conversations or spiritual practices after relaxing and warming up in the sauna, enjoyed the taste of aromatic herbal tea, sitting on the windowsill of the wide-open window overlooking the forest and uniting with it in a single pristine whole.

To merge with nature and let it directly into the house we have a large sliding window on the 1st floor, overlooking the terrace and a fully glazed facade of the 2nd floor under a triangular roof, through which we immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the forest without getting up from our sleeping place and, closing our eyes, we can hear all its melodious sound and inhale the variety of its aromas.

On the terrace, protected by a roof from rain and snow, in front of the entrance to the house you can relax on a warm summer evening, or meet the dawn with a cup of invigorating coffee to the singing of early birds, or contemplate the stars on a clear night in the silence of the majestic forest.

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