Office 1M Polyanka 44
A private modern office with a homely atmosphere
Anastasia Reznikova
Author and chief architect of the project.
Author’s supervision
150 м2
A big businessman living on 2 countries
  • preliminary design
  • working engineering and technical documentation (complete album of drawings for builders)
  • photorealistic renderings
  • printing
CEO. Management and control of execution:
  • construction process
  • technical supervision
  • logistics
  • object equipment
This project is a space that is located on the first floor of a residential mansion, and at the request of our client it was decided to turn it into his personal office. Since he, being the owner of the company, living in the penthouse of the same building floors above, preferred to allocate a separate place for work outside his living space, so that in addition to solving his personal work tasks, which can be implemented in the home office of the penthouse, there was also a place for various business events, formal and informal meetings with business partners, as well as for the reception of guests in a cozy atmosphere.

Therefore, we faced the task to make not just an office where you can work, but to create a modern workspace with an atmosphere of home comfort. As a result, the idea of creating a "Home style" office was born — a place where all work processes should be easy, relaxed and enjoyable.
Thus we got a private office, designed both for solving business and work issues and for relaxation of the owner, his business partners and guests.

This space meets the highest criteria of equipment for business events, conferences, online meetings and at the same time serves as a place for private receptions of guests, enveloping them in the atmosphere of home comfort.

The visible beauty and coziness of the interior of the space is intertwined with the most advanced and proven technologies in the field of engineering and architectural solutions, acoustic systems and automation systems of space management processes, while remaining visually light, airy and not overloaded.
While working on the project, we faced a number of interesting non-standard tasks that required deep analysis and elaboration.
Since the main task was to create a modern interior of a private office, meeting the latest requirements and communication technologies, but with the atmosphere of home comfort, when developing the planning solution, we started from the atypical for office spaces zoning, without corridor systems and a lot of small offices. At the same time, each zone is technically equipped with everything necessary for work, life and recreation. A small but fully functional transformer kitchen reminds us of home. It is hidden from view during work processes and unites a passageway corridor and a meeting room during rest, as if becoming part of a single common space.
In the central zone there is a meeting room separated from the main space by glass sliding systems. In working on the project it was important to leave the airiness and maximum openness of the space, avoiding closed blind rooms and corridors, but at the same time to ensure quality noise insulation of the meeting room during meetings. Therefore, as partitions of this room are transparent, glass sliding systems in a metal frame with a thickness of 10 cm glass panes, made specially for our project. These systems are reliable and easy to use.

Which during business meetings, online calls are tightly closed, providing complete noise insulation from external noise. And if a personal reception is planned, this room can be easily transformed and combined into a living-dining room with the same round table, a sofa area for guests' rest (which serves as a waiting area during working hours), and a kitchen-niche hidden by sliding facades during working processes, part of which is turned towards the meeting room, and the other side is turned towards a small passageway corridor, where all necessary household appliances are built in.

Also on one side of the meeting room there is a soft area for waiting and meeting guests, on the other side is the customer’s office, where everything necessary for work is available, and where he will feel comfortable to be alone and concentrate on his personal work tasks.
The office also has a full bathroom with a shower, where the customer can take a shower if necessary, without going up to his apartment.
We managed to avoid the need to separate the entrance area into a separate small room designed to keep the main space warm in winter in a country with a rather cold climate at this time of year, which has a separate entrance from the street and is located on the 1st floor of a residential building.
The issue of cold air cut-off at the entrance from the street in winter time we realized by means of a warm floor, a heat curtain located above the entrance, and in-floor convectors of heating working on a forced system.

When selecting room finishes and furniture pieces, the emphasis is on the use of natural materials and surfaces, soft and warm shades, simple, concise and large forms. That makes it light, not overloaded with small details, and immerses in the warmth of home comfort, harmony and tranquility.
One of the design ideas was the use of rectangular slabs of natural rock on the wall in the waiting area, the thickness of which reaches in some places 15-17 cm and accordingly weighs a lot. Before implementing this solution, the analysis was carried out according to the technical characteristics of the weight and size of the slabs, so that they elementary did not fall into the parking lot. And after that a technological solution of fixing these slabs to the reinforced concrete wall through safety anchors was developed.

Also the budget of finishing materials was optimized without losing the necessary visual effect, mood and atmosphere by combining different natural materials, such as thin porcelain tiles on a large area of the floor and solid stone in the reception desk, veneered furniture panels and solid rock as an accent on part of the wall in the waiting area.
The versatility of this space is demonstrated by its layout, zoning, technical equipment, types of finishing materials. It can serve as an office in this version, there is also an opportunity to increase individual workplaces by means of a soft waiting area, because in this area in the floor there are additional sockets. Or it can be completely transformed into a living space with minimal alterations and costs, only by converting the customer's study into a bedroom, the other zones simply change their purpose without changing the filling.

Thus we got a separate functional working space that meets all the necessary requirements and wishes of the customer, with an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, in which it is pleasant to work, receive business partners and guests.
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