Cherry Orchard
Classic weightiness in the weightlessness of sensation
Anastasia Reznikova
Author and chief architect of the project.
Author’s supervision
350 м2
A couple with two children living in two countries
  • preliminary design
  • working engineering and technical documentation (complete album of drawings for builders)
  • photorealistic renderings
  • printing
CEO. Management and control of execution:
  • construction process
  • technical supervision
  • logistics
  • object equipment
The interior of this house was designed for a family with two children.

The main idea of the project was to create an ultra-modern space that should meet the highest criteria of comfort, taking into account all advanced and proven technical solutions in the field of automation, sound and engineering.

Among others, the task was to ensure that all solutions and objects, from furniture details to large architectural forms, acquire their value over the years, reflecting the special status of its owner, his wealth and refined taste. In other words, as they aged physically, they remained relevant beyond time, which influenced the choice of factories for furnishing the interior with furniture and art objects, contractors for engineering and construction solutions.
The interior was created as a modern interpretation of long-forgotten classic solutions of key interior nodes by the masters.

The spirit and style of this space combines the spirit of France and a modern take on the classics, rather than pure classics in its own form.
We designed it and filled it in such a way that when you get into it, you dissolve in its special magnetic aura of coziness, tranquility and complete security.

We have a house where we see the weight of architectural and conceptual solutions, which in turn emphasize the personalities and status of its inhabitants.

The fullness of the interior had to give it a special emotional tone that will resonate within not only those who will live in it, but also those who will enter this special space.

The arched door portals in the living room, the fireplace and the tables are made of solid marble, which tells us about the status and wealth of the owners of the house.

We spent a long time searching and selecting the necessary shade of marble from various quarries of the world, until we found the one that harmonized with the other shades and materials in the interior and fit into the project.
After we selected the color, we faced the task of its transportation, the complexity of production, matching the pattern of details, bringing into the apartment and installation, taking into account its size, weight and the possibility of using in an apartment building especially heavy stone structures. But the result was worth it.

The thickness of the stone reveals its special pattern and the feeling of weightiness of the architectural solution itself, as well as of those who will admire this interior on a daily basis.

When finishing the rooms we used the most natural materials, such as solid wood, linen wallpaper and textiles, brass, marble, glass. As well as calm pastel colors.

The floors are covered with solid oak plank in all rooms except the shower rooms. This board was specially made for the project in Latvia according to the old traditional technology, which consists in gluing three layers of fully dried solid oak. The peculiarity of this technology is that with such treatment of the array, this floor will serve its owners for more than a hundred years, and in case of damage it can be restored an infinite number of times due to its thickness. In contrast to the modern standard production of floorboards, which is a gluing of a single layer of solid wood only 4 mm thick with plywood.

When painting the walls we used quality American-made paint in natural shades such as beige, gentle blue, noble gray, deep gray-green, where each color is not just a color for the walls, but emotionally colors each space according to its purpose and for whom and for what it is intended. Each shade was carefully selected in combination with the other tones of the walls, floor, furniture and textiles.

A special feature of this interior and our discovery were the gypsum wall panels for painting, which are used in all living areas. They are specially cast for our project according to our drawings with integrated cut-outs made in such a way as to give the walls a visual effect of the classical arrangement of the so-called moldings. But in contrast to fixing on the wall plane conventional moldings, which protrude from the wall, integrated cutouts in plaster create a single plane with it, give the walls graphic performance, noble luxury and, importantly, excellent noise insulation. The very pattern of the walls, finished with these gypsum panels, with elements of light, timeless classics, combined with modern expensive materials, lighting and furniture tells us about the status and value of this interior, which will be relevant for decades to come.

Brass door handles, decorative wall inserts, switch and socket covers are all handmade by craftsmen for whom creating objects for interiors is a special art. The time devoted to details remains in the interior forever. The weight of each piece is felt, whether it is metal or stone.

The handles in the form of spheres are solid, not hollow inside, and are made entirely of brass, which gives them weight. All the details speak of a deep antique essence, where everything is filled, like these balls, with the meaning and value of the material itself. Unlike modern ordinary fittings, when all designs try to make everything easier, simpler and more budget-friendly, forgetting about the very value and beauty of the material.

Warmth, softness and coziness of the interior are also given by linen wallpaper in beige tones on the walls. The contrast of light shades of linen and painted gypsum panels is especially effective and luxurious with the jambs covered with 8 mm thick solid brass sheets in dark brown tones. We specifically looked for technologies to bring this solution to life without making the construction of the jambs any easier. The synthesis of such a striking yet profound opposite gives the space a very beautiful visual effect. Brass slopes will change their color beautifully, within their dark brown tone, because this color is the result of special oxidation, without covering the pores of the material itself with lacquer, which we achieved through trial and experimentation.

Also the brass jambs in the door portals, the heavy metal bookcases create a special contrast of sensations in the space of the rooms, filled with air and light thanks to its layout and lighting system, which shows us its solid character and inner core together with an aura of tenderness, warmth and coziness.

The exposition of porous Italian travertine on the walls in combination with multifaceted furniture and properly placed accents maximizes the beauty of the pristine material in the space.

The swinging doors and the all glass partition between the kitchen and living room, the frame of which is made of solid oak, have 20 mm thick glass with double-sided facet, which gives the space lightness and air and gives volumetric distortion and greater depth to the lens.

Glass partitions and stained glass windows, carrying the essence of lightness and weightlessness in combination with very weighty architectural structures and forms, as well as the connection of all the systems of primary elements embodied in the materials and art objects used in the interior make this space especially deep, status, filled with meaning and value of the times.

All engineering communications are thought out to the last detail for the convenience of using absolutely all systems of the house. All the details of using one or another room for its intended purpose have been thought out, lighting scenarios convenient for the inhabitants have been prescribed, sound equipment has been decided, and the latest automation system has been connected. Being the heart of home management, this ecosystem is at the same time not visible to the eye, yielding to the aesthetics of visual perception of colors, shapes and materials in the interior.

A major challenge for us was the three-year implementation of the facility and all ongoing processes on it from 2020 to 2023, during a particularly challenging period for the entire Planet: pandemic / pandemic / complete overhaul of all systems of life, production, logistics, supplier business.
Maintaining such an uncompromisingly difficult to execute project was a test of clarity and correctness of decisions in the current environment. The situation also led to an in-depth analysis of the contractors' ability to fulfill their tasks under our sensitive guidance and control.

It was also necessary to regularly maintain the energy level of the people with whom we interact in the process of project implementation, as the current situation created in them despair and unwillingness to fulfill their obligations.
But in spite of everything, the project was realized and the result speaks for itself.

In this space, everything is presented in its original form of beauty and naturalness of the material. All the colors, shades, the materials themselves and its components.

Everything organically combines with each other and fits into the general concept of the whole interior, keeping the spirit of large space, lightness and weight at the same time.

First of all, this interior reflects the feeling of deep and thorough work on every detail beyond time and circumstances.
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