Blackwood 11
Maximum comfort in minimum space on your property
33 м2
Anastasia Reznikova
Author and chief architect of the project.
Author’s supervision
  • preliminary design
  • working engineering and technical documentation (complete album of drawings for builders)
  • photorealistic renderings
  • printing
CEO. Management and control of execution:
  • construction process
  • technical supervision
  • logistics
  • object equipment
A place for a vacation for 1-2 people.
The main idea of the project was to create a small house, laconic architectural form, which can be easily transported and assembled on site. At the same time, it had to have the most comfortable conditions for living and recreation of 1-2 people for a long period of time.
It was also necessary to consider the possibility of preserving the natural landscape of the forest, when installing the house, without disturbing a single tree around. And to bring the spirit of pristine nature into the interior of the house.

This is such a youthful peculiar mini "buzz-house", where there is everything you need. Where you can just relax in comfort and enjoy nature, being directly in its space, sit on the terrace with a cup of delicious tea or meditate, or before going to bed to contemplate the starry sky through the window-portal above the bed, drifting away mentally to the depths of the universe and his subconsciousness ...

The small size of the house makes it cozy and unpretentious in maintenance

Blackwood House is not just a house, it is a place of relaxation and communion with nature for people who appreciate comfort and spiritual values
When thinking about the construction of the house, we gave it a minimalist image by designing a small rectangular shape with a terrace on one side of the facade and a pitched roof with a window above the bed so that lying on it you can admire the night sky or mentally fly away with the clouds floating in the distance.
Large panoramic windows cover almost the entire front façade and open onto the outdoor terrace. Together with the black finish of all the facades of the house made of burnt wood, at night, when light shines from these windows, a mysterious effect of a light energy portal in the forest inviting us into its world is created.

The outer natural environment and the inner space of the house merge as if into a single whole thanks to the large windows, which can be covered with lattice partitions - shutters, if necessary, which gives the effect of lightness and leaves a connection with the outside world, without closing them tightly. If there is a need for complete absence of light penetration, blackout blinds can always be lowered on the inside. The terrace adjoining this façade serves as a bridge between the outside and the inside..
It is pleasant to sit on the terrace on a beautiful summer evening or, wrapped in a warm blanket, on a cool autumn day and enjoy the silence, tranquility and majesty of the forest.
The small size of the interior space as if pushes outside, for walks in the forest, fields, mountains, the place where the house is located. For feeling and understanding that the surrounding nature is the very "Home" of man in its original form and beauty.
But at the same time, the full equipment of the house with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in it, its construction and exterior decoration allow you to feel fully protected in it, not to think about everyday things, and completely reboot and be filled with energy.

The house structure is prefabricated and transportable, installed on piles on site. If you want to install 1 or 2 houses for yourself, small in size, but with a premium-class equipment inside, or create a whole park-hotel consisting of these "buzz houses", it is easy to realize. Two houses can fit quietly into 3 trucks and travel without special escort to their destinations.

When installing the house in the woods, we kept the wood mass intact by carrying the assembled elements of the house sideways between the trees to the place of installation also among the trees.

The house is finished with natural materials: planked wood in the exterior cladding of the house, stone flooring inside the house, light-colored wooden panels on the walls, metal elements in the interior. Thus we wanted to show that the house is an integral part of the natural bosom in which it falls. And when installing it, it is important to preserve the natural landscape that surrounds it.

By creating a small space, we have taken care to make it as comfortable as possible for each of its inhabitants for a long stay.
The house consists of one room and is divided into functional areas such as sleeping and resting area, cooking area, and a closed sanitary area with a bathroom and restroom. Above the bed there is a magic window, so that you can admire the stars and the night sky before going to sleep.
Each of the zones is equipped with everything you need for a good rest and stay.
In the sleeping area there is a comfortable bed for one or two people, above the bed there is a window in the pitched roof. The cooking area is equipped with all necessary appliances, and an optimal working area with a full sink. The house has a bathtub, where you can relax and rebirth after long walks in the fresh air, with your own hands having collected various herbs during the walk and brewed them in the bathtub. A washing machine is also provided.
If there is an autumn chill outside the window, you can walk barefoot in the house, because the house is equipped with warm floors and there is a wood stove to heat the room, if you need to create a light heat, there is a radiator under a small window and the stove can not be ignited.

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